Kingston, Ontario, August 20, 2015–AppMedia Group is proud to announce the release of LoyaltySMART. This exciting new loyalty software and program combines smart device technology with a real time loyalty program. Not only is it easy to engage customers into your loyalty program it provides business operators with real time business analytics. The best prospects for a business are a competitors customers. The fight for customer loyalty is paramount some estimates indicate that it is seven times more expensive to create a sale from a new customer than a repeat customer. LoyaltySMART makes it easy to engage consumers and simplifies a business’s processes in creating repeat transactions from existing clients.
Tim Wieczorek Partner VP Sales and Business Development for AppMedia Group and LoyaltySMART, “It is common for 80% of an operations business to come from 20% of its customers. Protecting and growing the 20% is important and can be critical to growth and survival. Having a loyalty program that is rewarding for consumers and easy to manage for business makes sense.”
LoyaltySMART provides a business with real time business analytics. Having real-time analytics at your fingertips will help business operations understand how consumers interact with them more effectively. Understanding patterns such as when visits occur, length of stay, number of visits or what percentage of your visits come from one time visits or people visiting multiple times can all be viewed as helpful. Access to better data in real-time improves the ability to make better decisions.
Sean Lloyd Partner and CEO for AppMedia Group and LoyaltySMART stated,”the launch of LoyaltSMART is another step in the AppMedia Group strategy to continue providing innovative marketing and technology solutions to businesses.”
AppMedia provides marketing and technology solutions with a focus on emerging technologies, specializing in small to medium businesses and public sector companies.


Tim Wieczorek